Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It all started with a bake sale.  I love to tell this story.  A story of big dreams and a small town.  A story of perseverance, dedication and hard work.  A story that changed the lives of elders in and around West Liberty.

In 1968 several men talked about a building a "senior citizen village."   Their vision was a place that would include the residents in how it was run.  A place that would offer complete wellness, an idea far ahead of it's time.  A place that invited the residents to use their own knowledge and unique experiences to make it great.  

They did all the usual things; had a meeting, took a vote, got a quote.  This is where the unusual happened.  The quote was for $1,000,000 to build their village.  While the group forged ahead, there was one moment of despair among two of the original founders, Ira Thut and Walter Lautenbach.  But right in that moment of despair Ira's wife came home from her sewing circle and said, "The ladies are having a bake sale for our senior citizen village. We need to get started."  That bake sale raised $2232, equivalent to $10,505 today.  

That is why we say it all started with a bake sale!

Next up - find out about Green Hills original purpose statement and why it is even more relevant today!

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