Friday, June 12, 2015



     70% of the way we age comes from the choices we make.  We get to choose how we eat, what exercise we do, who we hang out with and how we spend our time.  The choices we make when we are 25, effect how successfully we age when we are 40.  Those positive changes we make at 50 effect how successfully we age in our 60's and even 80's.
     It's so empowering to think we are in charge of our aging "destiny".  We can make changes today, that will help us age more successfully within our current circumstances.   A study done by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) tells us that the three most important components of wellness to age the most successfully are physical, spiritual and social wellness. That makes things pretty simple; a walk with our spouse or friends will benefit us both physically and socially.  Going to church gives the benefit of both social and spiritual wellness.  A healthy meal with friends after a bible study is the trifecta of active aging!
     What choices will you make today that will give you the best chance to age successfully?  A balanced diet, getting up and moving around and getting together with friends and family are a great place to start!

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