Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Changing the Face of a Senior Moment

     "Oh, I just can't remember right now, I guess I'm just having a senior moment," a friend of mine said recently.
     I'm not sure when a "senior moment" became a negative, but what would happen if we changed that perception?
     What if a senior moment is when my friend's 96 year old grandmother informs her family she will be skydiving before autumn roles around, and by the way would any of the youngsters like to join her?  
     Maybe it's the moment Harriette Thompson crosses the finish line at the San Diego marathon.  
When she completed her run that day she became the oldest woman to run a marathon by 3 months. Ms. Thompson is a two time cancer survivor that has raised over $100,000 for charity since she started running at 76 years old.
     You could also consider it a "senior moment" when Leonid Hursicz received the Nobel Prize at the age of 90 for his findings in economics.  
     It could be the moment an elder finishes her first painting or her 101st painting.  It's that moment the gentleman down the street finishes his 4 block walk every evening.  It is the couple sitting on the bench reminiscing about their wedding day.  
     Let's change the face of a senior moment and focus on the positive in aging!


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