Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last Monday, a genuine miracle happened at Bellefontaine High School.

What? A miracle? Yes! Right then and there. Time and Space, humanity’s most obstinate obstacles, vanished during four delightful hours.
Prom Royalty:
Fontella and John Marmon

The miracle happened when some 35 Green Hills’ Savvy Seniors happily enjoyed ‘their’ prom. Gently coached and encouraged by DECA students, our Savvy Seniors responded with remarkable bursts of recovered vitality. Surrounded by impressive posters from the four corners of the world, we engaged in subdued inter-generational social chit-chats and a lovingly served light lunch.

Then came the shared entertainment program. You should have seen that! Prom is all about dancing, right?

DECA seniors invaded the dance floor with their youthful vim and vigor, while begging old seniors to join them on the dance floor. “No way!” was the answer silently formulated by the oldies, still munching on their last cookie, kind of scared, you know. “My back is kill-ing me today! Me? Come on, I just can’t! I tell ya, I got Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, the works! And oh, yes, you should see my bunions!

Me on the dance floor? I am stuck in my wheelchair, don’t you see? Those kids are nice to watch. That’s what I will do: watch and munch my cookie.”

That is when the miracle happened.

Reluctantly, with apprehension, dragging one foot here, one foot there, the old seniors joined the young ones. One by one, in groups, walking or pushed in their wheelchairs.

Samba! Mambo! Cha-Cha! Twist! And, oh delight, at long last the Savvy dancers could take a break with some slow dancing helped by Blue Eyes’ crooning; and Andrews sisters’ boogie-woogieing. Enough to bring tears to your happy eyes, I tell ya.

But then again came the shared fun of O-H-I-O! Some Swing, The Snake ... Nice, but kinda old fashioned, no?

That’s when the DECA Seniors demonstrated their gesticulating moves: The Dab, The Hit, and even The Quan. A few oldies joined in.

Can you imagine that, Savvies dancing The Dab?

The joy of dancing had taken us back in time, but not in a nostalgic way. Our past was blending with our hosts’ future in a uniquely shared and most natural way. Inter-generational programs sponsored by Green Hills like Techy Teens, are quite valuable for us all. They must be encouraged and expanded.

Full of knowledge, young people are at the start of a life journey full of challenges, likely achievements, and possible pitfalls; they need some of the wisdom that seniors have accumulated over their many years and want to share for the benefit of all.

Many thanks to the Bellefontaine High School DECA Seniors for adding caring love to their many talents. Many thanks to the Green Hills organizers for planning and running this wonderful event.
Rumors are that there will be a repeat in 2018. Great!

Meanwhile exercise more and munch less, OK?

--Patti & Dan Verin, residents of Green Hills Garden Homes
Patti & Dan Verin "cutting the rug" at the Senior Prom

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